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Clean Room Clean Room

Some businesses have special need for a clean environment that controls the concentration of airborne particles. Whether you have a need for this in a medical environment or a manufacturing facility, we can build you a cleanroom that is up to date in terms of design and technology.

Professional cleanroom installations

Keep your cleanroom up and running

 •  HEPA Filtration

 •  Room design, construction, and installation

 •  Up-to-date technology

 •  Built for durability

 •  Following ISO Standards

Cleanroom maintenance typically requires a little more attention than the maintenance of other buildings and new rooms. We're happy to do the maintenance on your room, if needed - just give us a call!


We will change the HEPA Filters in your cleanroom to ensure that the air particles are removed to your required level. We want your room to continue providing you clean air for our business operations.

Get a safe, sterile environment for

your business

Tell us about your cleanroom needs - we will have one designed, installed, or maintained for you!

Let us give you a FREE estimate for your cleanroom